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Environment Quality & Policies

MAC Services is committed to its environmental policy of protecting and improving the environment in each and every aspect of its services.

(We can provide Energy saving lighting such as LED, and Energy consumption/CO2 reports to properties and we install motion sensors to save you energy)


Save up to 80% on your lighting energy bills with LED lighting. Visit our LED website


  • We can visit your premises for a free consultation.
  • We will answer all your questions on the new exciting and cost-saving LED lighting.
  • We offer samples for you to try and give free demonstrations, so you can experience for yourselves the brightness and beautiful colour of LED lighting.

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Useful information:

  • High quality LED lamps have estimated life spans of between 30,000 and 50,000 hours, as opposed to only 1,500 hours with many standard light bulbs e.g. Halogen spot lamps incandescent candle lamps and GLS lamps.


  • With LED LAMPS heat is reduced significantly, compared with heat produced by halogen spot lamps and GLS lamps.
  • Standard spot lights use an enormous  50 Watts to 200 Waltts of energy, whereas LED spotlights will only use between 4.5 watts and 6 watts of energy, depending on lamp types.
  • If left on for 12 hours a day, one 50 watt halogen spotlight will cost around £22.00 per year to run; one 6 watt LED spotlight will only cost around £2.60 per year to run.


Energy Consumption/CO2 report to your property or business

We can save you energy. We carry out data logging of properties to record the following:

  • Voltage, Current (Amp), Energy ( KWh), Power ( KW), CO2 Emissions.
  • We will help you to save energy and rising cost of your electricity bill.



Installing motion sensors to save on your electricity bill

Motion sensors are designed to turn on the light when motion is detected. Then, after motion stops after a short period of time, the light turns off and less energy is wasted. Since they do not run continually, the light bulb will burn out less frequently in a motion sensor light than a traditional fixture. You also won’t have to worry about the light being left on by accident when your business is closed for the evening or holidays. This can save you dramatically on your electricity bill, cost on light bulbs and save the environment.

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Our guarantee:

  • MAC  Services Ltd provides a full 12 months guarantee on all our work.
  • All material and products are covered by a full manufacture ’s warranty and our labour is backed by our own guarantee of workmanship.

Our Policies:

Our Insurance:

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